The Threshing Yard offers its guests a place to spend their holidays where the history of the Hungarian people intertwines with nature… In summertime – at harvest – the farmyard is filled with the wonderful scent of hay stacked in the threshing yard… Anyone who chooses to stay at our resort will have the opportunity to try farm life equipped with all modern conveniences in the world of country life.Walking in our 12-acre yard, you can discover new feelings about time and space…

When designing the guest house a lot of attention was paid to preserving the farming features. We would like to avoid the risk of spoiling our guests’ holidays by accepting people at the same time who do not know one another. Thus we always let the property as a whole. It is recommended for families or groups of friends.The original layout and function of the rooms was only changed where necessary. Neat and functional bathrooms were added to the houses. All the rooms have televisions.

Our guests are welcome to use the whole property (yard, garden, ponds, forest) along with all the services advertised on our website.

In the guest house

  • Two bedrooms with separate entrances. One of them can be accessed from the porch and the other from the kitchen. Both bedrooms have two single beds placed side by side and two bunk beds, providing accommodation for 4 people each. One spare bed can be placed in the bedroom that can be accessed from the porch and two spare beds in the one that can be accessed from the kitchen. The 60-cm-thick adobe walls ensure pleasant temperature. No air-conditioning is necessary even on the hottest summer days if the doors and windows are used properly.
  • Fully equipped kitchen.
  • A porch that functions as a social area with tables and chairs.
  • Shower, toilets. There is a modern bathroom with a shower and a toilet in the main building.
  • There is another toilet and a shower in the other building which can be accessed from the yard.


  • Our guest house for 1-2 people is 21.000 HUF/night (60 €/night). The minimum lenght of stay is 2 nights.
  • In case of booking for more than 3 people, our guest house is 7,000 HUF/person/night (20 €/person/night).
  • In case of a demand of more than 8 people, three extra beds are available, the price of which is 4,000 HUF / person / night (12 € / person / night). If this is not enough, then accommodation is only possible in your own tent or caravan, which has a price of 2,000 HUF / person / night (6 € / person / night).
  • The resort can be rented for special events. The price depends on the arrangement.

  • In the heating season there are further expenses, which are charged based on the electricity-consumption.
  • Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in our guest house.
  • The guest house is free for children under 4 years of age.
  • Our prices are valid until December 31, 2021.

  • Accepted methods of payment: cash, bank transfer
  • Accepted currencies: HUF (Ft), euro (€)
  • Deposit: Your booking is completed on receipt of 30 % of the accommodation fee in advance. The rest of the fee is payable on arrival by cash.
    -The whole amount of deposit is returned if the booking is cancelled at least 16 days prior to arrival.
    50 % of the deposit is returned for cancellations between 8-15 days prior to arrival.
    If you cancel your booking 1-7 days prior to arrival or do not show up at all, we are unable to repay you the transferred deposit.
  • Check-in: from 15:00 to 20:00
  • Check-out: till 10:00

Animals living in the area that can be watched

Around the Szeri-puszta meadow and the Büdös-szék lake nearby over 230 bird species have been spotted, 80 out of which also nest in this area. Depending on the season, the skill and luck of the watcher, in our garden you can catch sight of sparrows, tree-sparrows, blue tits, great tits, wrens, wagtails, black redstarts, long-tailed tits, mallards, pochards, grey herons, great egret, little egret, coots, night herons, purple herons, kingfishers, collared doves, starlings, blackbirds, yellow-birds, nickles, black woodpeckers, great spotted woodpeckers, lesser spotted woodpeckers, middle spotted woodpeckers, European rollers, bee eaters, hoopoes, common kestrels, kestrels, deer, squirrels, storks, (sometimes in large flocks) foxes and hares.


Available fishes: common carp, grey catfish, black perch, grass carp, silver carp, zander. Guests must bring their own fishing gear.
Our fishing pond may be utilised free of charge. The following rules apply for fishing:
-An unhooking mat, antiseptic products, disgorger and a large scooping-net must be used.
-You must handle the fish in the most humane way possible and you must place it on the unhooking mat. After removing the hook and disinfecting the area, you must release the fish back into the pond as fast as possible. It is not permitted to purchase, or to prepare the fish on the premises. Photographic images of our guests’ catches will be made available online with their consent.
-Only two fishing rods may be used in the pond at the same time. A maximum of two hooks are permitted on one fishing rod. The use of three hooks and spinning is not permitted. Any other fishing activity and netting (throwing, pulling), electric fishing, ‘raking’, and the use of baskets and fishing-traps etc. are strictly FORBIDDEN!
-In order to preserve the quality of the water in the pond, any flavoured baits or liquid aromas are FORBIDDEN!
-The use of a creel, or placing the fish in a creel is FORBIDDEN!
-The boat may be used for fishing free of charge.


On the spot

Our guests have the opportunity to choose from a wide range of free activities in order to enjoy their holiday.
You can play „war of numbers” (a Hungarian outdoor game) or pick mushrooms in our 7-acre wood. The thick smooth lawn in our back garden is suitable for any ball game. Some of our seven little ponds dry out by the end of summer but the remaining ones provide home for a family of coots. They build their nest on the surface of the water with hard work which they then hide in the reed… In the summer heat the thirsty deer and hares can be spotted from our high stand as they approach the ponds. The storks gather into flocks here saying farewell to the summer and set off to Africa. Although our pond is not very large, it is great for some pleasant boating. It is an unforgettable experience to fry bacon over acrackling fire which you can eat in the beautifully lit garden in the outdoor shelters by the pond. The area is suitable for flying kites for which you have to bring your own kite and we hope for a good wind…

If you would like to hire our garden to take wedding photos and there are guests staying there, we can only arrange it with the guests’ permission.

Programmes in the village:

(Pusztaszer’s website)
Spots that can be approached by bicycle:
- Hétvezér (7 leaders) Monument: 3.7 km, on top of the Árpád mound. A mound suitable for sledging is a rarity in the Great Plain. A number of people go there in the winter from the towns and villages nearby. The Pusztabíró House is located next to the mound. The „pusztabíró”used to govern the area for 100 years.
- Flamann Ildikó potter / ceramicist (2 km): If you would like to try pottery, look at the beautiful collection of folk and fairy tale themed pots and other work of art or buy them, contact the master. (Flamann Ildikó's website)
- Park forest (2.6 km) can be visited 24/7. A bird on its gate lets its visitors into its 10-acre area. A lot of rare botanical species can be seen here. On the way to the forest, the path passes a wild boar farm.(Video about the park)
A funeral home designed by Imre Makovecz in the cemetery (900 m): the designer paid special attention to the acoustics of the place. Our village, with its mound shape, pays tribute to our ancestors who conquered our land. According to legend, every one of our seven chiefs had his own mound (Árpád’s mound, Sáregyházi mound, Szárnyék mound, Vesszős mound, Kártyás mound, Kettős mound, Császárné’s mound) on which the leaders’ own tents were set up. The life of the tribes used to be controlled on those mounds. Árpád’s mound can be found in Pusztaszer, with the monument of the seven leaders on it.
Büdös-szék – Szeri-puszta (6 km): Strictly protected area which belongs to the Landscape Protection Area of Pusztaszer. (The Kiskunság National Park's website) In order to get permission to enter the area, contact Pataki Zsolt.
Phone number: +36/ 30 435-4025
E-mail: patakizs@knp.hu
Bagi Windmill (6.3 km): Its a bigger challenge by bike mainly on dirt road. It is located in the north of the village near Pálmonostora. It escaped decay when a Frenchman bought it who spends one month every summer trying to save the building. The windmill can only be visited when the owner is in it. You have to write in the guest book…

In the towns and villages nearby

- Ópusztaszer (7 km): National Historical Heritage Park with the Feszty Panorama. It takes a day or two to explore everything in the park. Close to the entrance is the Maze of Csillagösvény where you have to answer several questions right in order to escape from the hedges. (Ópusztaszer's website) (The Csillagösvény's website)
- Kistelek (8 km): a cozy spa bath is situated in the town centre. (The homepage of the thermal bath)
- Balástya (16 km) with a look-out tower where you can watch birds. There is a heron site nearby.
- Szatymaz (27 km): The Exhibition House of Tisza Valley owned by the Kiskunság National Park.(The Kiskunság National Park's website) You can visit the exhibition, take a cycling tour or visit the wood path by the Fehér-tó (White Lake) of Szeged. Tours organized by them:
Fehér-tó of Szeged
Péteri-tó of Pálmonostora
Csaj-tó of Csanytelek
Information: Krisztián Ábrahám: +36/30 638-0297

- Sándorfalva (25 km): Budai Sándor Museum and Zither Museum, Pallavicini Castle (Sándorfalva's website)
- Szeged (35 km): The city provides almost unlimited ways to spend your free time. Here are some of them:
Szeged Zoo: (The wildlife park website)
Tisza Valley Adventure Park: (Tisza Valley Adventure Park's website)
Bridge Market
Boat tour:(The boat tour's website)
Botanical Garden: (The Botanical Garden1s website)
ParaPark Szeged: (The Parapark's website)
Ferenc Móra Museum: (The museum's webpage)
Open-air Theatre: (The Open-air Theatre's website)
Napfényfürdő Aquapolis Thermal Bath
Cinema City: (The cinema's website)

- Kiskunmajsa (25 km): Jonathermal Spa, Wellness Spa and Aquapark which is renowned throughout Europe.(The spa's website) Also, there are some small museums (Ferenc Móra,(The Ferenc Móra Museum's website) Sándor Petőfi, Kiskun)
- Bugac (47 km): Shepherd Museum:(The museum's website)


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